VE Rotary Electric Vibrators

The VE series vibrators were developed based on the most advanced concepts in vibration technology with special emphasis on design details that are critical to large, heavy duty vibrators.
Electric vibrators are best suited in applications where:

  • Noise is a factor
  • Compressed air is not readily or sufficiently available
  • High energy efficiency is needed (Energy consumption is about 10-20% of an equivalent pneumatic vibrator )
  • Precise adjustment of force output is necessary
  • A very high force output is required
  • In addition to force output, success in certain applications is based on reaching and maintaining a required frequency.

How they Work

The external vibrators are asynchronous motors with adjustable eccentric weights mounted on each end of the rotor shaft.
Shaft rotation generates centrifugal force which can be adjusted by changing the weight settings.

VE General Features

3600 rpm

  • Silo flow aid
  • Most small and midsize containers
  • Concrete forms

1800 rpm

  • Bin activators
  • Screeners (for product sizes smaller than 3/4")
  • Bulk Bag Unloaders

1200 rpm

  • Vibratory tables
  • Screeners (for product sizes ranging between 3/4" and 2").
  • Sifters
  • Vibratory Pan Feeders
  • Vibratory Tube Feeders

900 rpm

  • Screeners (for product sizes larger than 2")
  • Feeders for larger particles

VE General Features

  • The housing is made of ductile cast iron of high mechanical strength (starting from frame 3)
  • Lifting and safety eyebolts.
  • All bearings used are FAG or SKF
  • Double grease fittings each bearing for longer life in vertical applications.
  • Stator core laminations with low core energy loss reduce overheating of the motors.
  • Mechanical Protection IP65-7.
  • Insulation Class F.
  • CE Compliance.
  • ASTM winding impregnation with top of the line resin Dolph’s CC 1105 LV.
  • Thermistor safety protection against overheating (for frame size 50 and higher).
  • 30% to 100% force adjustment is available on all models.
  • Integrally cast terminal block housing.
  • End caps with 6 bolts to maintain a more perfect seal with the O-rings.
  • Steel end caps. Unlike aluminum end caps, job damaged steel will not easily crack or leak.