Electric Vibrators

VE Three-Phase 


The POWTEK VE3 Rotary electric vibrator is built for tough applications with high operating loads and hostile environments.  Housing is made of aluminum alloy up to size 660 and in ductile cast iron of high mechanical strength for all other frame sizes.

VE1 Single-Phase 110

660 16 LT

Single phase models come complete with 6’ cable and capacitor. As on option, a control Box, with ON/OFF switch and safety overload, is also available.

VBM - Light Impact Vibrator

1206 7

With lower noise (60dba) and lower consumption (40 watts) is a viable alternative to many pneumatic vibrators. It comes standard with capacitor and 5” cable. Force is adjustable from 11 to 68 lbs.

DCV- DC Vibrator 


DCV Electric Vibrators are built to work with 12-24 DC Volts power supply
and are rated for continous duty.


POWTEK VE Electric vibrators were developed based on the most advanced concepts in vibration technology.
Special importance was placed on design details that can be critical to large, heavy duty vibrators.

How they Work?

Electric vibrators are electric motors with adjustable eccentric weights mounted on each end of a rotor shaft.
Shaft rotation generates a powerful centrifugal force.
The output force produced can be adjusted by changing the weight settings from 30% up to 100%

When do we use Electric Vibrators?

  • Where a very high force output is required
  • When low noise is needed.
  • Where compressed air is not readily or sufficiently available
  • Whenever high energy efficiency is desired - Energy consumption of an electric vibrator is about 10-20% the consumption of an equivalent pneumatic vibrator (in other words 80%-90% lower!)
  • Constant speed is necessary

What are the main frequency based applications of Industrial Electric Vibrators?

   3600 rpm

Silo & hopper discharge

Most small and midsize containers flow aid

Concrete forms

  • 1200 rpm

Vibratory screens (for product sizes ranging between 3/4" and 2").


Vibratory tables

Vibratory Pan Feeders

Vibratory Tube Feeders


   1800 rpm

Bin activators

Vibratory screens (for product sizes smaller than 3/4")

Bulk Bag Unloaders

Vibratory tables

900 rpm

Screeners (for product sizes larger than 2")

Feeders for larger particles