Eccentric Weights

When checking shaft rotation, remove end caps only if absolutely necessary
and do not let vibrator run more than 5 seconds;
keep hands away from the rotating weights!
Weights will crush fingers! Unprotected weights can be deadly!
Never operate the vibrator with the end caps removed!

Do not run vibrator without eccentric weights.
Bearings will get severely scratched and damaged!

Standard Weight Setting

Vibrators come factory set at
30% (of max force) at 1800 rpm
70% at 3600 rpm and all other speeds

How to adjust eccentric weights

Force output adjustment is obtained by changing eccentric weights settings.

1. Make sure the power supply is off and the cable is disconnected.
2. Remove the end caps
Eccentrics weights are made of two overlapping steel masses.
3. Once the blocking end-bolt has been pulled out, the outer mass can be adjusted to the needed position.BACK TO ELECTRICAL
4. Adjust to the lowest setting required to move the material.
This will increase life and reduce energy costs.
5. Adjust both sets of eccentric weights to the same setting number (mirror images),
or force output will be uneven and damage vibrator.
6. While reinstalling end caps, o-rings should be carefully placed into their original position.